What is there to do? (Besides BJJ of course)


We've hired some amazing instructors! Whether it's your first day or you're a seasoned pro, Puerto has waves for you! We'll have lessons every day as part of the camp. However if your spouse, friends or family members want to do more, we can arrange it at a discount, just let us know!

Night Life

The camp is conveniently located in the heart of Zicatela along the pedestrian main street. A myriad of bars,clubs, restaurants and family-friendly venues such as ice cream and froyo shops are right around the corner. Whether you're a go to bed early and have an ice cream after dinner with the kids type; or a party till the sun comes up guy... Puerto's got you covered!

Relax by the Pool

The hotel has more than one!

The Beach

Some of the most beautiful of all time!


Enjoy some great yoga classes!

Hot Springs Adventures

Need a break from training? Ride horses to hidden hot springs for the afternoon! Just 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido and an amazing way to relax after some hard training. We'll arrange everything!


Try an indigenous type of steam-bath known as a temazcal. Sit in a small building with heats that go up to 120 F⁰ and then either be covered in towels or dunked into cold water. We can make it happen!

Boat Trips

One of the most exhilarating experiences for non-surfers is the boat trip into the ocean to catch a glimpse of the wildlife; in particular, the turtles and dolphins. A few tour operators run similar trips out into the Pacific in search of the animals. More often than not, you get a glimpse of the turtles and, if you're lucky enough, the tour guide sometimes jumps in and catches hold of one! Let us arrange it for you!


Another good ocean-based activity! For the keen fisherman, this is a dream activity. The waters host vast amounts of species of fish including tuna, marlin and red snapper. We know some great guides!


Jiu jitsu and surfing not adventurous enough for you? We can arrange for you to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Great Food

Within blocks of the camp location are tons of great restaurants and food stalls. Puerto has everything from great local coffee and traditional Mexican fare to juice bars, acai bowls and vegan/vegetarian options—all within walking distance!

Explore the Market

A great way to get to know the local culture and enjoy an inexpensive meal, fresh juice or a snack between training sessions. Shop for local gifts and have fun exploring a typical Mexican market.